Denny Z - Nimbus (2017) Full CD

by Denny Z



Nimbus, from the Latin for "dark cloud", is an anachronistic term for the type of cloud now classified as the nimbostratus cloud.

Nimbus: latin name of the halo.

produced by Triplax Vermifrux & Marco Weststar


Track 12 includes BONUS
\\\666/// feat. Mr. Jack


released June 27, 2017

Thanks to:
Marco Weststar, Rodolfo V. Puccio, Triplax Vermifrux, Mr. Jack (
Fabrizio Spurio (, Conte Max, La Scighera Magar (Magazzini inesistenti),
Fabio Sansalone Ivl (Insane-voices-labirynth), Fulvio Galvani,
Hannu Kulju (Tonttu),
Marcel Runde (Miel Noir),
Michela Massarenti (Make-up), Marco Fregnan (Reggae discography), Dejan Boskovic (Ammonite Records),
Radio Djamar, Luca Pregnolato.



all rights reserved



BARAFOETIDA is an unknown italian project band, without label, made up of 2 friends: Triplax Vermifrux and Ebola aka Denny Zeta. The band was born in 2001 in a small town in the North of Italy, and it defined itself "virtual" first of all because of the intention of not to perform live and secondly for the exclusive use of electronical music softwares in its music. ... more

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Track Name: The Mirror feat. Marco Weststar
Look at me, i'm the mirror
I'm the other of you, no error
I'm changed when you changed
I'm equal when you watch
But your image sometimes not match
Just when your eyes are tired
Just a thin veil of sleep is around your head
Only a blink of sight
A short time in the night
When you're are asleep in the bed
I look at you,sure i come ahead.

I see you and observe you
Because i don't understand
I don't know what you do when you don't reflect

How i can know myself
If i don't know yourself

Right now,you are awaken
And now you look at me with distraction
And i obey to every of your moves,
I am the reflection

My mind is so upset
Don't you'd help me to be quiet?
Please,i'm so sad
This situation is so mad

Between my glass come out some things
They're come from the other dimensions
There are millions and millions
But me not
I'm a prisoner in this crystal door
Not difference when you are rich or poor

Now you come out from home
Another day to stay alone
This not will end, not now or ever
A still life forever

I shout and scream from you indifference
You not aware by my sufference

So go away and close the door
You haven't care of me,'cause i'm nothing, i'm the mirror

Lyrics: Triplax Vermifrux
Track Name: The dark globe feat. Triplax Vermifrux
Across the universe
Through galaxies and galaxies
My spirit flies
My mind is on relax
I spiritualized
My body lives for centuries and centuries

I'm sinking in those nebulae
I'm going up the stars to lay
Sure nobody's come and gone
Nobody's may to say i'm home

I'm crazy, i'm mad
Maybe after happiness i am sad
I see a strange object
An alien craft, it looks me and reacts
I go near at end
It calls me and it looks like a friend

Entering by a hole in a lobe
Falling into the dark globe.

Lyrics: Triplax Vermifrux
Track Name: Cobwebs & Dust feat. Rodolfo V. Puccio
Cobwebs and dust
Now it is so
Laugh and lust,before

The flowers are withered and bent
A stenching smell in the air is sent

Cobwebs and dust
Right,is true
When the horrible fate was between me and you

Now like a chapel made of bone
My life , a bell singing undertone

Why you left me
Why you betrayed me
Now i am without you

In this gloomy town
I'm tied and still on the cellar down
I've lost my mind, robbed by a mouse
I am a madman, prisoner in a madhouse

Lyrics: Triplax Vermifrux
Track Name: The dead feat. Triplax Vermifrux
You can hear us through the winds
You can listen us in the streams
And our voices are so low
Even though we're millions and millions

Never you know how much pain was been
Die slow or fast, we were not seen
And our voices was so loud
But all covered by a shroud

Even though we're millions and millions

We are the dead's faces
We leave not one of traces

We are the dead of children
We are strangers in heaven

Not one of us were surrender
Not one of you remember

We are the childhood who is broken and hit
We are the women and men who never fit
We are the people die in your infacy
When the other pretend to not see

We cry and sigh all the time in the limbo
Sometimes we smile behind a rainbow
And we sing and shout,but few hear our groans
While we die everyone of us made some moans
And yet we're still millions and millions

We are the dead's faces
We leave not one of traces

We are the dead of children
We are strangers in heaven

Not one of us were surrender
Not one of you remember

Lyrics: Triplax Vermifrux